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Video is the fastest and easiest way to communicate details of the property that can be easily missed in the images



You’re selling the biggest asset, so why not give it to the professional property photographer and get the attention to the detail that it deserves. Your professional property photographer will light it well, frame it perfectly, and find all the angles that show off the best aspects of your home.


Our photographers are trained to capture a property’s architectural and design highlights. In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of real estate packages for Auckland real estate agents and sellers. Our sales and marketing experience means we know what your client needs to showcase their property to sell and achieve the best price.


If you’re looking for an exciting way to showcase a perfect landscape or highlight a property’s unique features and demonstrate the surrounding, aerial photography will achieve all of this.


Floor plans are great for giving the property perspective and capturing all areas of the house and illustrating detailed information about the property to your potential buyer.  

 Virtual staging, Virtual Renovation

Whether it be a house still in construction, bad tenants, clients that didn’t have time to clean, we are able to help out and remove all the clutter from the images, completely change the layout of a room, the kitchen fit-out, remodel the bathroom, or simply just change wall colour and add some furniture for you without you needing to get your hands dirty or wasting your time at the property.

Decluttering (ITEM REMOVAL)

Digitally remove nearly any mess within the image, because you are photographers/agents, not cleaners, let us handle the cleaning up.